The Body Life - Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy

Welcome to the Body Life the Sport and Remedial massage therapist.  
As a remedial massage therapist I specialise in general massage, deep tissue and remedial therapy. I am passionate about my work and always stay abreast of new developments and apply the latest techniques that have proven to be successful.

I believe that the human body has a life of its own and it can be prolonged when it is kept in balance and looked after properly. Sometimes the symptom is an indication of neglect and is usually the last stage of an underlying problem that has been developing over time. Therefore a good assessment of the body can identify the reasons behind symptoms.

I use a combination of techniques that can be very effective for people who suffer from

  • Back, neck, shoulder pain
  • Sciatica (neurological symptom)
  • Muscle tension,
  • Reduced muscle tone
  • Postural dysfunction
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Stress release

In certain situations I might not be the right person to help you. Should this happen I will make a referral to an appropriate therapist.

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